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Getting DESK FIT.

If you have ever had a bike fit you know how much it can positively affect your comfort and performance. Doing this also decreases your chance of injury because it minimizes awkward postures, extended reaching, etc...

Working at the desk is much the same. If you get a proper fit (think monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk and chair) you can greatly improve your comfort and decrease your chance of injury. Sometimes just a few simple adjustments can make a huge positive difference.

We offer training and individual desk assessments.

Sports Groups:

Want to help your athletes apply fit, form, pace and recovery to work and life to positively affect their sports performance? We will help them learn how to get desk fit and pace themselves throughout the day in order to manage fatigue and increase comfort.

Email us to book a session for your group.


We are part of global network of ergonomists. We can help build your ergonomic program, provide training or supplement an existing program.

Email us to start a conversation.


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