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Laptop Riser

Laptop Riser


As convenient as laptops are, unfortunately they don't make for the most ergonomic working conditions. The keyboard is connected to the screen and the screen is too low. Ideally you want to be looking straight ahead while typing, not bending your neck down because this puts more stress on your body. Raise the monitor height and suddenly you have raised your keying height. Lots of solutions, but most all will seperate the keyboard from the screen.


"I recommend the laptop riser because it is lightweight and portable for those who travel around to work. The stand helps users get into a more nuetral posture as they work by bringing the screen up to eye level." It folds flat to easily travel with you and has an integrated document holder.


It is meant to be paired with an external keyboard..


12.2" x 8.98" x .51"

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