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So many people are benefiting from rolling, but traveling with a roller is difficult. When I found the Myoballs I got really excited because it was a way for me to roll sore muscles while I was traveling. IT's just really easy to take with you.


I use it to do a light flush by gripping the band and pulling iit up and down accross the area I am trying to roll. Then, I can press one of the myoballs and work into any sore spots. I find this works best on the legs, feet and arms, but have heard massage therapists speak positively about using the balls on pressure points along the back.


We offer two versions: the 5 and 7. The difference being the circumference and number of balls on the strand. The majority of my issues are in the upper arm and calf so I use the 5 for flushing and hitting tight spots. If you really want to be able to roll up and down your full thigh, I recommend the 7.

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